Welcome to Inamon

You are about to enter the demo/beta site of our insurance application Inamon. Here is a bit to consider before you start:

  • The reason we call it a demo/beta site, is because we want to demo our latest developments, but our latest development is normally in a test phase. Please bear that in mind when making your way around the system.
  • Inamon is a self service insurance platform. What you have access to here, the customer may access too. The customer will be able to manage the whole lifecycle of a policy, including mid term adjustments and renewals. It is up to the implementation to decide how much functionality is exposed to the customer, which can be more than we see in the demo system at the moment.
  • However much we expose to the customer, it will always only be the top of the iceberg. There is so much functionality below the surface required to run an insurance operation. Inamon is a substantial system in every aspect, covering all expected insurance functionality including Party (Customer), Account, Quotation, Policy, Claims, Reinsurance, Product Configuration, GL interface, Document handling, User control etc. It has been designed for multi currency and multi language from the outset.
  • It is flexible to add any product to the system, but for demonstration and testing purposes we have implemented a Home and an Aviation product. These products are exactly that, demo/test products, so they may fall short in both product specification (what cover they offer) and product implementation (how they work in the system). The two products are very different, and show how different logic and look can be implemented.
  • The look and feel may seem bland, but when it is implemented in a production environment, it will have the corporate design as part of the implementation. In other words, it may not have any similarities to what you see here.
  • We accept that there is very little help, but that is really because help can be implemented in many different ways. One way we think is nice is to hover over a question mark, and the help is shown. We will let it be up to the implementation to decide.
  • The address system is not yet implemented, so there is no automatic address being displayed, when you enter a UK postcode.
  • Because it's set up for the UK market, you may not have an address readily available if you are looking from abroad, but here is one you can use: Street: 33 Manchester Lane, Town: Camberley, Postcode: GU18 8XX, County/Region: Surrey.
  • Don't worry about putting credit card or direct debit details on the system. We won't charge you, as it is not wired up. It is doing some validation on the number range; that's all. For credit card number you can use: 4444 4444 4444 4444. Direct Debit Sort Code: 12-34-56, Account: 12345678
  • When we update the system, we currently don't save the details that have been put on the system. That means that you may lose all your data, i.e. quotes, policies etc.
  • Unfortunately you will only see the top of the iceberg. Most of the functionality is below the surface, and if you want to see the rest of it e.g. the rating engine, claim system, reinsurance system, account system and much more, please feel free to contact us.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please email us on beta1@javision.co.uk

We will open a new browser so you can come back to this page for a bit of help

Have fun
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